Friday, February 7, 2014

3 Years Past The Due Date

I had this feeling I was forgetting something all day. Like I had somewhere to be but couldn't remember where. Then my husband sent me the sweetest text saying how crazy it was that 3 years ago was my due date and how amazing our life is and how wonderful our daughter is. I agreed!

People scared me about the terrible-twos. The past year hasn't been all roses. It has been quite hard and challenging at times. But overall, I would say that two has been my favorite age/stage so far. She can tell us what she wants. She understands a lot and comprehends a lot. It is amazing how much she has grown in her little 3 years on this planet. So as she nears three and I only have a week of 2 year-old Abbey Grace left, I'm a little sentimental.

On the way to school this morning she said, "I am three." I corrected her and told her not until next Friday. I told her not to rush it because she should only be 2 just this once. She asked me what rush meant so I did my best to explain it to her. I started crying thinking back over the past almost 3 years, realizing it really does fly by.

She was born at 41 weeks after I was induced due to high blood pressure. I'll eventually tell my birth story. But tonight is about an amazing moment in the joy of parenting.

After reading her new bedtime book we checked out at the library, we sang some songs.

When I was pregnant, I kept searching for this perfect song to sing to her while she was in my belly. One we could bond with then and keep up afterward. I couldn't find "the song."

Fast-forward to when she was around 16-18 months or so, I found a book by Sandra Boynton called Snuggle Puppy. (<---- that is an affiliate link but you can purchase it anywhere). It is a book/song. That song became our song. I have sang it so many times since we found that book. Tonight, she corrected me while I was singing and sang to me telling me I needed to sing her the "Ooooooooooo, I love you" part. So I did.

The she wanted to sing "You are My Sunshine." We have to sing both verses, or as she says, "the happy and sad one."

After singing it she grabs my face and tell me in her dramatic-pausing-toddler-William-Shatner way, "" Then she kisses me.

Sometimes parenting is so hard, so so so hard. But sometimes, it is THE...BEST...EVER.

What is one of your favorite random parent moments?

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