Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Words are Changing...

It happened this week. Something I knew was coming but wasn't ready for at all.

Our sweet little girl started pronouncing things correctly. This week it was only one word but it was possibly my favorite mispronounced word ever.

If you asked her where something was - (like her pants because she never wears them!) - she would respond in the sweetest almost 3 year old voice, "Oh no, I got-for my pants!" or "I got-for bunny!"

When ever she forgot anything, she would say she got-for it.

She used to say hop-grass for grasshopper. But when it went away, it didn't make me sad.

For some reason, I really miss "got-for." When she told me she forgot something the other night, I wanted to correct her and tell her no it's "got-for." And please slow down sweet baby girl, don't grow up so fast.

When I told my husband how sad it made me, he reminded me our job is the help her learn to speak correctly. I agree, a teenager or adult saying they "got-for" something isn't too cute.

I guess the truth is, I don't want to "got-for" this phase or her cute words. It's going so fast...

What was one of the words or phases you missed that your children grew out of saying?

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