Sunday, December 30, 2012

Together WE Are Stronger - World Food Programme

As we enjoy the last days of 2012, some of you might still be looking for places to donate and help others. Today I have an awesome video from the United Nations World Food Programme.

They are helping people all over the world who are in need. Lots of the people they are helping have lost everything. They aren't moping around because they didn't get what they asked Santa for. They are praying they will have food today. They are praying they won't have to send their child to bed hungry...again.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by all the needs in our world today. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed that we shut down, we stop caring. We feel that there is no way that "I" can make a difference in the millions of lives in need. That is true. "I" can't save millions. But I can help someone and so can you and so can another person and another person....TOGETHER...we can save millions. But it takes you and me, not just me and not just you.


Watch the awesome video here:

Click here to donate.

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