Monday, December 31, 2012

No Mom Should Die During Childbirth - Save a Life

Childbirth should be a happy time. A time of excitement and happiness. But that is not the case for so many families around the world. What can you do to help prevent a mom from dying? Get involved with Maternity Worldwide.

According to the Maternity Worldwide website, one mother dies every 2 minutes. That is 800 a day and 287,000 a year. Several million other women, and even girls, will suffer from complications from their childbirth for the rest of their lives. That is not even taking into account the poor babies who will never know their mom...that is if they make it as well.

Maternity Worldwide is working to change this reality. Maternity Worldwide is charity, with no religious affiliations, that works with local communities and governments to meet the needs of the women in some of the poorest areas. It started out of frustrations of a small group of public health professional who saw deaths in childbirth that could be prevented.

Since the start in 2002, Maternity Worldwide has helped women in 11 developing countries: Pakistan; Uganda; Ethiopia; Tanzania; Malawi; Zimbabwe; Zambia; Nigeria; Sierra Leone; The Gambia; and Haiti.

They use an approach that I think is amazing. They use the Three Delays Model which looks at three groups of factors that could stop females from accessing the healthcare they need during childbirth. They are: 1. Delay in decision to seek care. 2. Delay in reaching care. 3. Delay in receiving adequate health care. They then use this model to approach the  needs and take action.

They have awesome opportunities to help women. You can donate $24 dollars to help with the safe birth for one mom or $81 for the safe emergency delivery. These are awesome end of the year donations or as late Christmas presents. If you have already spent your limit this year, then please keep them in mind the next time you donate.

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