Monday, August 6, 2012


This blog is my journey as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, pet owner, business owner, nurse, christian, human, and mother. Most importantly, my journey as a mother.

I have a beautiful almost 18 month old little girl. She is the perfect combination of my husband and I. She has a laugh that can cure heartache, a smile that is infectious, and the sweetest voice in the world.

I wanted to start this blog last year but didn't think I really had anything to add to all the other information out there. Maybe no one will read this or maybe someone will, but I decided to start it now because I need a place to think out loud.

Being a relatively new mom, I know I have so much to learn. I know there are other women out there who can teach me. I know some parts I will have to learn by going through it and others I can avoid by heeding others advice. I look forward to learning from this blog as well. I would love any readers to comment all you like!

As I (well, we, my hubby helps with her too but this isn't his blog!) raise our daughter, I realize that this whole parenting thing is tougher than it looks at times. What is becoming so evident to me is that we as parents control the future of our world. Not just my daughters world, not just our families world, but the ENTIRE world.

This blog is my journey but I also hope to inspire other moms to see that we are carrying the world on our hips. As moms, we need to see that the things we teach our children will affect our world.

What are we showing them with the way we live, the we talk, the way we love?

Welcome! I hope you don't get bored here!
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