Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where to Shop Wednesday: Happy Heinys

Happy Heinys was started in January 2002 by Linda Byerline after the birth of her third child, who was born prematurely. Her doctor suggested cloth diapers to her after the birth of her child and she desired different options than what she found available and so was born Happy Heinys!

For those who aren't familiar with Happy Heinys: They make several different kinds of cloth diapers but their most famous for their one size pocket diapers. They have options for Hook and Loop (velcro) and Snaps. Many moms (and dads) are huge fans of the Hook and Loop option. Happy Heinys is made exclusively in the US (except for Hemp products).

Happy Heinys is very involved with giving to those in need. Here is a quote from the owner about how she started helping orphans around the world:

“Happy Heinys has actually been working with several different orphanages in Africa, Kenya, and Haiti over the last 8 yrs.”, states Linda Byerline CEO. Byerline continues, “It all started 8 yrs ago when we received a picture of an infant no more than 3-4 months old sitting on a small glass pitcher. We soon learned that these babys sat on these homemade potties for hours each day due to the lack of diapering products available. Those who were lucky enough to have a diaper actually had an old worn rag wrapped around their diaper area. As a mom this broke my heart!” Byerline continued, “We quickly realized that we were in the best position to take care of these babies behinds and we have done so ever since. As other companies sell off their seconds, Happy Heinys sends them to babies in need all over the world.”

If the thought of infants sitting on glass pitchers doesn't stir something deep inside of you, check your pulse!

Here is a list of organizations Happy Heinys has helped:

  • 9/11 Red Cross Fund
  • Aid for Orphans 
  • Timothy House in Haiti
  • International Federation of Human Support
  • Autism Speaks
  • Guatemala Stove
  • US Natural Disasters : San Diego Fires and Hurricane Katrina
Most recently, Happy Heinys, has started their own charity called The Heiny Project. 100% of the money collected goes toward providing diapers for families in need. The families take a 1.5 hour course of how to take of the diapers and then receive a certificate to purchase $250 worth of cloth diapers.

Shop for your baby and help other babies!

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