Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where to Shop Wednesday: gDiapers

gDiapers are incredibly versatile diapers. The company was started by Jason and Kim Graham-Nye while living in Australia. When they found out that regular disposable diapers were the third largest contributor to landfills in the world while only 5% of the population uses them! That fact gets me too! How does it not make everyone want to use reusable diapers!!

They decided right then that disposables weren't an option. They were living in a drought stricken area of Australia so they had to be extremely water conscious so they couldn't do 100% cloth either. So what's an eco responsible couple to do?! They heard about a company in Tasmania (very near Australia) that made flushable diapers and from their the idea was born. Fast forward to gDiapers.

They are a hybrid: part reusable (the shell) and part biodegradable disposables. You can also use hemp cloth insert inside to make it 100% reusable. They are great for traveling. Did I mention they are super cute?!

gDiapers is involved with many different charities and organizations.

Here is a list of the many different non-profit organizations gDiapers helps out:

Who knew shopping could feel so good?!

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