Monday, February 11, 2013

February Happiness Project - My Daughter

February is dedicated to my baby girl. She turns 2 on Valentine's Day. This month, I will focus on her and ways to show her I love her and actions for me to be a better mom. She is only this age for such a short time. I have to live in the NOW and see her now. I don't want to look back and have her childhood be mommy playing on the computer instead of with her.

How will focusing on my daughter make me happier? Mommy guilt gets the best of me when I know I haven't been the best mom. Even though I know she is having fun playing at the house, she still wants mommy to play. When my daughter smiles or laughs her uncontrollable laugh,  it makes my day. It is impossible for your heart not to smile when she is dancing the "Hot Dog Dance" or doing the dance Daisy Duck does in the talent show on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The days I feel like I accomplish the most are days when she is happy, we have minimal meltdowns, and maybe the house is still messy and no one bathed, but she has the biggest smile and goes to sleep thinking of all the fun we had.

While we were in New Orleans, we visited the children's museum, they had a quote on the wall I loved so I called back to get it because I forgot to take a picture of it. The author is unknown so I don't know who to give credit to but I put it on my favorite picture of my hubby and our baby girl last year on her very first trip to the Nashville Zoo.

A closer view of the quote because my picture isn't enlarging like I want.
I tried to teach my child with books.
He gave me only puzzled looks.

I tried to teach my child with words.
They passed him by often unheard.

Despairingly, I turned aside.
"How shall I teach this child?" I cried.

Into my hand he put the key
"Come," he said, "play with me." 
--Author Unknown

So what are my Happiness Project goals for this month?

1. Sing in the morning 
2. Play kitchen every day. (Or whatever is her favorite thing at the time.)
3. Make her laugh uncontrollably daily.

4. Plan a monthly adventure. 

5. Do fun crafts monthly (weekly when time allows). 
6. Not put computer time, especially Facebook, ahead of her. 

7. Say prayers with her.

I owe you an update on my happiness project from January. It did not go as well as I hoped. To date: I have gained weight instead of lost, I haven't set a schedule, I have decluttered a tiny bit, I haven't worked on self-esteem, I haven't don't most of the things I said I would. But each day is a new day and I'm still working.

How are you doing with your resolutions or happiness projects?

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