Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The REAL Awards

The REAL Awards are awards given to deserving healthcare workers who go above and beyond to help others in their jobs and helping others in their communities.

Save The Children, The Bill & Melinda Children Foundation and Frontline Health Workers Coalitioned have come together to help people honor and thank health care workers who are making a difference in peoples lives every day.

A quote from Mary Beth Powers from the Save The Children Website explains why these awards are important.
"Every year, awards are given to recognize the accomplishments of celebrities, actors, singers, athletes and entertainers," said Mary Beth Powers, Campaign Chief for Save the Children's Newborn and Child Survival Campaign. "Alongside the Oscars and Golden Globes in January, we will begin to honor a group of people who rarely receive recognition or accolades — health workers."

As a registered nurse, I am quiet fond of healthcare workers. Healthcare workers see people at all stages of life and in all emotional states. We see you when you are at your worst and sometimes when you are at your best. We help you when you do not want help. We help you when you cannot help yourself. Helping you is not just our job, but our passion.

Think back to when you had your children or when a loved one was in the hospital or you were under the care of a healthcare worker. Did anyone stand out to you? Did anyone help your stay more pleasant? Did you have anyone come into your home and help you once you got discharged from the hospital?

Healthcare workers take on many roles and have many different job titles. Think through those you have met and if you feel any are worthy of nomination, pick a below to nominate them!

The categories to nominate healthcare workers are as follows:

Newborn and Mother Care
Pediatric Care
Chronic Disease Care
Hospice Care
Emergency Care
Veteran Care
At-Home Care
General Health Worker

You can find a the Official Rules here.

You only have until tomorrow, November 29, 2012 to nominate the special healthcare worker in your life. Take time to show them they made a difference in your life by nominating them for this amazing award.

(Voting will begin taking place on November 30, 2012).

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